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  6/30 A peafowl nest...Belle our India Blue hen is sitting on her 6 peafowl eggs...and one guienna egg.  This is the first time she has gone sit on her own eggs.

She went to get a drink of water...and I snuck a picture...

Perhaps this guienna walking by was checking on

her egg?


  We've had two hatchings of peafowl eggs this summer so far...using hens as moms...

These hatched on 6/28... They are India Blues

Oh! My! These don't look like any youngins' I've had before!

We're here!

 These peafowl babies are a little older they were hatched under a mother chicken as well.   They are roosting well and make cute little cooing sounds when you walk by their pen.

They are getting their little tuffs on their heads...

  General Strutting his feathers....



Baby peafowl 2009