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 Making Homade Biscuits....

Lauren came over to the farm to learn to make homemade biscuitswith Aunt Ginger.  This page is all about the steps she took to make some delicious biscuits.  Of course sausage is always a tasty treat to accompany biscuits, so we had to cook some in the old iron skillet too.  When you make biscuits the old fashioned way it involves all of the senses.  You touch...feel the gooey mixture of White Lily (selfrising) flour (we cheated just a little), shortening, and buttermilk.  You smell the biscuits baking along with the aroma of the sausage.  You see the lovely colors of the food when it is done as well as the experience of getting flour everywhere and you hear the chatter of the cooks in the kitchen as they mix and stir and wait for the final product, as well as, the ooh's and aah's when the good are tasted!  It's yummy fun!


First, you need to sift your flour...


Be careful not to go too fast,

or you'll flour your face!


Next, add some shortening...we

use butter flavored Crisco. 


Go ahead and grease your pan.


Measure out your buttermilk. 


Pour the buttermilk in over your



Mix it all together.

Knead your dough.


Hey, how'd you get flour on

your nose? 


Not to mention...on your toes!

Roll them up...roll them up ... in your hand... 

Then put them in your pan!


I'll make a tiny one...or two...or three...


Put in the oven at 500 degrees...


Bake until golden brown...you can smell them getting ready.

Now it's time to do the taste test...

Clay said he wanted one...I give him one of the tiny ones!