The following are postings from Summer of 2008.

7/22/08 Lauren came over for a visit today.  She wanted to learn how to make homemade biscuits. Click here to see more pictures about her biscuit making adventure.  How did you get that flour on your toes Lauren?

 We had lots of fun!

7/18/08  It's been pea pickin' and shelling time the last couple of days.  The rain really blessed the garden and we had a bumper crop from our one little row of White Acre Peas.   I ended up putting 7 quarts of shelled peas in the freezer for some tastey winter meals and another big mess in the crock pot to cook for supper tonight...topped off with some fresh okra... meatloaf and left over squash...it will be so good!

7/12/08 The baby goats got thier bells today...and as usual they ran and jumped and played with each other and made the bells ting-a-ling-ring.  I just like to hear the bells...the collars help when we have to catch them or hold them ...and the bells have just become a Pate Farm tradition.

Check out my new wheels...I even have a basket so I can ride to take horse feed when they are over in the back pasture... Richie tried it out too... I guess you never stop being a little bit of a kid and just remember how to enjoy a new bike! I'd seen these trikes before and mentioned I'd like to have one...so when Richie found one...well he couldn't resist... Even Miss Scarlett is checking out what is going on...


We are working to add to our Pate Farms Blog on most days....little happenings around the farm....check it out and feel free to comment back...we look forward to hearing from you. Check out what Zan was up to on July 8th...

 "Hey Jessie...did someone say there's fresh mud on the farm?"

July 4... Happy Independence Day America!...

Pea Shelling Time....Lindi and Leah try a hand at shelling peas... Don't ever say you are bored on the farm!

July 2... Sugar delivers a pretty little doe...Independence ..Indi for short..

 July 1 was a busy day here at Pate Farms... peas and beans, okra, squash, tomatoes all needed picking.... and then we had three new baby kids arrive too...

Honey delivers two boar/kiko billies... Patriot and Flag

Rainy delivers a single...Miss Betsy Ross also a boar/kiko kidling...okay...kidling may not be a real word...but it was an exciting day here on the farm.

 Read more on July Goat News

We had a fun day at the Ice Cream Social to celebrate the 4th of July...just a little early on June 29th... Click here to view the album of pictures from the day... We had homemade icecream, desserts, hotdogs, and hamburgers...and just a lot of old fashioned visitin'.... 

Lauren checks on the new babies...

June Goat News


Midnight delivers two strong little billies...Claybo and Buster June 26 about 10:30...

We were about to pull out of the drive around 8:00 when we noticed Midnight in the goat hut...of course we stopped to check on her as we have many times a day ...as we were waiting for these little guys to be born... she was in labor...so we waited it out with her... Welcome to Pate Farms little ones...


 click pic to see more

Lindi is learning how to sew!  She has selected a dress and the fabrics and now with Gingers' assistance she is making her very own summer dress.   Maybe we have our next fashion superstar among us!

We have been hard at work building the peafowl pen.  Ginger takes the time to use her wonderful artistic talents to paint a mural of General our Peacock on the peafowl shelter.

We put ginger hard at work painting the pen..... Hey where is Richie?

This is General on his new perch.



 April had her baby on May 16, 2008.  It is a very sweet young billy.  This little kid is a boer mix.   Isn't he cute. Welcom to the farm Mr. Socks!


Clay takes a moment out to relax in the swing by the pool and garden and read a book.  Nothing is more refreshing than taking in the fresh air and the smell of the roses and to freshen your mind with a good book.  Clay is in his Junior year at CSU. 


Ginger has collected and cleaned this pile of eggs.  It is about three days worth of eggs!!!!   Those ladies sure have been busy!

   Ginger heading off on a nice ride...

.    Gotta get that saddle ready!